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Radio Astronomy

The first decentralized space agency in the world

Radio Astronomy

Our next project is about radio astronomy. The basic setup is finished and RF-equipment and electronics are installed.
We are now able to listen on all frequencies between 100 KHz up to 35 GHz.
I’m still however trying to figure out how to relay the signals from the installation outside Stockholm to our HQ in city, and make it available for anyone who wants to rent telescope-time. (The rent is pretty low, and is supposed to fund the equipment.)

The same equipment are used for communication with decommissioned satellites, that we have taken control over.
SpaceChain now fully controls 4 satellites in geostationary orbits.
Most of the satellites are from the 90’s, ranging from mid-90 to end of 90’s, except one weather satellite from the late 80’s that is still operational.

The original OS of the satellites have been replaced with Mini-Linux, and we are working hard to code drivers in order to access the hardware.

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