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Month: April 2020

The first decentralized space agency in the world

SpaceChain Network Soon Operational for beta-test.

A lot of people ask me what SpaceChain is.The answer is many – first of all, it’s a network built on the top of the Blockchain source-code, where “transactions” have been replaced by “transmissions”. “Fees”, are the fees for using the satellite network for anything you want.We have 4 operational satellite’s in geostationary orbits, ranging…
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Pi with 100k decimals

𝜋 is often an important constant, when it comes to calculating a lot of equations in celestial mechanics, and space applications. The more decimals, the more precise outcome of the equations.
So, here, we give you 𝜋 with 100 000 decimals.

Analyzing COVID-19

Sequences producing significant alignments:  reports Description Max Score Total Score Query-Cover E-Value % Accession  seq ref|NC_045512.2| Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome 55221 55221 100% 0.0 100.00% NC_045512.2  seq gb|MN908947.3| Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome 55221 55221 100% 0.0 100.00% MN908947.3  seq gb|MT019531.1| Severe acute respiratory syndrome…
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COVID-19 Complete RNA

DNA Sequence of the COVID-19 virus The complete RNA of the COVID-19 virus As many other organizations, SpaceChain is also trying to stop the pandemic (lets call it for what it is) of COVID-19. Below, is the complete genetic code of the COVID-19 virus. LOCUS MN908947 29903 bp ss-RNA linear VRL 11-FEB-2020 DEFINITION  Severe acute respiratory…
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