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SpaceChain Network Soon Operational for beta-test.

The first decentralized space agency in the world

SpaceChain Network Soon Operational for beta-test.

A lot of people ask me what SpaceChain is.
The answer is many – first of all, it’s a network built on the top of the Blockchain source-code, where “transactions” have been replaced by “transmissions”. “Fees”, are the fees for using the satellite network for anything you want.
We have 4 operational satellite’s in geostationary orbits, ranging from 35, 37 to 40 000 km from Earth. 2 of them are communication satellites that were used for analoge TV-broadcasts, 1 is a weather satellite and 1 is a spy satellite (the one that’s 40k km away) that lost control over its thrusters and was abandoned. It is however fully functioning, but spy satellites are not meant to stay in one place – why it it was decommissioned.

We’re giving the public the control over these satellites using the SpaceChain network, which was deployed already back in 2013, and incorporated as the Swedish Space company with the same name, Spacechain, which I founded in 2016.

Now, you might wonder what we’re going to use these satellites for?

Well – to begin with, we will use them for communication in the western hemisphere, from mid continental United States, to half of the Russian federation, from the north pole, down to Sub-Sahara.
We’re right now building the headquarters from which the communication will be linked into the terrestrial network, the Internet, connecting all the satellites online.
As I’m writing this, a team is working on the RF-system of the satellites, in order to tune into frequencies used for GSM, 3G and 4G, giving all registered members access to the satellites, using only their phones. SIM-cards are being created as we speak.

The spy satellite will be used for helping first responders on catastrophic scenes, giving clear images in both visual and infrared – making it easy to find missing people or get a clear and high resolution picture of a disaster area, down to 2 to 10 cm, depending on position and weather. (Although it is a spy satellite with all what it means, it will never be used to spy on individuals, or group of people – the SpaceChain network is politically neutral.)

However, since many people are interested in what we are doing, I decided to post some pictures from the ongoing building of the SpaceChain HQ, also called SpaceChain Space Command and Control Center, SCSCC.
It is a room full of servers, antennas, switches, cables, monitors, broadcast and receiving equipment, fiberoptics and so on.

Our servers uses the lates AMD EPYC™, mostly 7351and 7742, with 32 and 64 cores. (64/128 cores each server), with 128-512 GB RAM. Hard-drives are not in Gigabytes or Terabytes – but superfast SAS-drives in RAID-configurations, counting Petabytes in several networked NAS-drives or iSCSI – some servers uses M.2 SATA chips in RAID-0, for fast startup and initialization, directly on the motherboards.
Each server is equipped with 2 CPU’s, and using VMWare ESXi and vCenter, to virtualize other operating systems, ranging from different Linux distros to Microsoft™ Windows 2016 and 2019 servers. (No, we don’t use Mac’s – Mac’s are for egocentric children, with rich parents, who just wants to show off – and besides, macOS is a closed-environment OS, which creates more problems than it solves.)

The workload is so much, that our CPU’s are at temperatures beyond the boiling point.
As I write this, my very own desktop is showing 114 C degrees.


Here comes some pictures of what is going on in the heart of the SpaceChain Network.

Take care, and don’t forget to register an account – it’s for free.

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  1. Edilson Filho says:

    Hi, I really liked the idea. I’m Edilson, a computer engineer, I live in Brazil. How can I help you? It would be a pleasure to work on the project.

    • Hi Edilson!
      I’m so sorry for taking such a long time to answer, but we don’t usually answer these kind of questions in comments.
      Write directly to me at, and describe what you’re interested in, as we’re starting new projects and need engineers.
      I hope to hear from you soon.
      (CEO, SpaceChain)

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