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Mars Habitation Project – Part 1:3

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Mars Habitation Project – Part 1:3

After almost seven months of trials, failures, and errors, we’ve finally been able to alter the synthetic Martian soil with chemicals that can be found on Mars to cultivate the first thing that can stay alive in the harsh environment of the red planet: fungi.

This marks the end of the Mars Habitation Project, and all results and data will be published on the SpaceChain Space Program homepage,, in a few weeks after review.
Worth noticing is that this fungus survived 30 days of continuous 16 uSv/h radiation. (equivalent to 1 X-ray imaging every 30 seconds.)

The data is still classified but will be open source when it has been through review.
The reason for keeping the data classified until reviewed, despite our open source policy, is that it can be misused by certain entities who seek to hurt others to create biological weapons, and those parts need to be censured out of the final publication.
As scientists, we do seek to create a better future for all mankind, but we also have a responsibility not to endanger the lives of our planet’s citizens and humanity as a whole. We hope that people who promote and advocate R&D on an open-source basis understand this. We do NOT seek to hide anything for any other purpose but for pure safety for everyone.]

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