The first decentralized space agency in the world

Spaceflight and Man

There is no point in exploring——still less colonizing—a hostile and dangerous environment unless it opens up new opportunities for experience and spiritual enrichment. Mere survival is not sufficient; there are already enough examples on this planet of societies that have been beaten down to subsistence level by the forces of nature. The questions that all…
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SpaceChain Network Soon Operational for beta-test.

A lot of people ask me what SpaceChain is.The answer is many – first of all, it’s a network built on the top of the Blockchain source-code, where “transactions” have been replaced by “transmissions”. “Fees”, are the fees for using the satellite network for anything you want.We have 4 operational satellite’s in geostationary orbits, ranging…
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Pi with 100k decimals

𝜋 is often an important constant, when it comes to calculating a lot of equations in celestial mechanics, and space applications. The more decimals, the more precise outcome of the equations.
So, here, we give you 𝜋 with 100 000 decimals.

Analyzing COVID-19

Sequences producing significant alignments:  reports Description Max Score Total Score Query-Cover E-Value % Accession  seq ref|NC_045512.2| Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome 55221 55221 100% 0.0 100.00% NC_045512.2  seq gb|MN908947.3| Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome 55221 55221 100% 0.0 100.00% MN908947.3  seq gb|MT019531.1| Severe acute respiratory syndrome…
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COVID-19 Complete RNA

DNA Sequence of the COVID-19 virus The complete RNA of the COVID-19 virus As many other organizations, SpaceChain is also trying to stop the pandemic (lets call it for what it is) of COVID-19. Below, is the complete genetic code of the COVID-19 virus. LOCUS MN908947 29903 bp ss-RNA linear VRL 11-FEB-2020 DEFINITION  Severe acute respiratory…
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Our New Homepage Is Finally Online.

After several attacks on our servers, we decided to remake everything, and put the site on a new server.With daily backups, we hope to keep it this way.It’s much easier with physical access to the server – if it’s hacked, just put in a new hard-drive with the previous backup.Besides – we’re going to publish…
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Eco-friendly Rocket-fuel

Our first batch of eco-friendly solid rocket-fuel is finally ready for testing.It’s all organic, and doesn’t catch fire by sparks, heat or accidentally. It’s glowing in several colors, which is unfortunately very hard to see in the picture – it’s really beautiful actually.It’s ignited by microwave radiation, and testing is scheduled in a week, maybe…
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ROSS-1 (Race to Open Source Space)

ROSS-1 rocket and the prototype solid-fuel rocket engine. Now, we can focus on our research and development of an eco-friendly rocket-fuel.

Phaeton 4 project

We promised yesterday to post some pictures on what we’re working on right now: a sub-space flight to the Stratosphere, with a fully autonomous drone. Please say hello to #Bitnation Space Agency’s Phaeton 4. It’s a delta-wing, with a wingspan of 2.2 meters, powered by 8 brushless motors as engines and two rocket-boosters. (Not in the pictures.)…
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SpaceChain talks to ISS (International Space Station)

We have a faint signal from the International Space Station voice downlink, as it’s in a very distant position in its orbit, at 145.80 MHz.Also reception on cross band voice repeater at 437.80 MHz and also digital packet uplink/downlink at 144.49 MHz.