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Radio Astronomy

Our next project is about radio astronomy. The basic setup is finished and RF-equipment and electronics are installed.We are now able to listen on all frequencies between 100 KHz up to 35 GHz.I’m still however trying to figure out how to relay the signals from the installation outside Stockholm to our HQ in city, and…
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Mars Habitation Project – Part 1:3

After almost seven months of trials, failures and errors, we’ve finally been able to alter the synthetic Martian soil, with chemicals that can be found on Mars, to cultivate the first thing that can stay alive in the harsh environment of the red planet: fungi.This marks the end of the Mars Habitation Project and all…
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Mars Habitation Project – part 1:2

We used a live plant to see what happens when the cells are exposed to the synthetic Martian soil.In the first microscope pictures you’ll see healthy cells with the cells nucleus intact.The last picture shows cells exposed to the toxic soil and despite trying to find a single cell that was intact, it was obvious…
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Mars Habitation Project – part 1

Welcome to planet Mars!Or at least a piece of it.The soil turns red very fast, in less than a minute (pictures 2 and 3) when exposed to the Earths oxygen-rich atmosphere.We don’t take any chances, when working with home brew extraterrestrial soil – so I’m all wrapped up in protective hazmat suit. Don no try…
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