Month: September 2020

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We are going to planet Venus!

Yes, you got it right! As yesterday, the project VenusOne has been created, to help Eric Shear, an engineer and soon to be an astronaut, to send a specially designed floating balloon, that will descend through the hot outer layers of the Venus atmosphere, to the the habitable zone, equipped with instruments to detect life…
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Commenting Enabled Again.

After installing anti-spam plugins and tightening the rules for posting comments, we have now enable posting comments on our pages again. However – NO URL’s are allowed (no exceptions), no BB-Code (Trying to use BB-Code will get you banned), you need a real avatar with your picture to be allowed to post a comment, ALL…
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Because of the huge amount of spam on this site, the registration of new users is halted until our anti-spam plugin is working properly. Also no more comments are allowed meanwhile. We’re sorry to take such measures, but deleting over 7000 spam comments was a lot overkill. This page will be updated in the next…
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